Security Blanket

On Friday, NCARB announced some new security procedures at Prometric testing centers, which will take effect after the Blackout ends in late August. Here’s a video preview…

Actually, I’m only kidding. You can’t take a guest with you into the testing center! They have to stay in the waiting room! Sheesh…

But seriously, folks, NCARB has announced that Prometric will be instituting a biometrically-enabled security system for their testing centers, which will have a small effect on ARE candidates. According to NCARB’s official press release, during your the first exam appointment after the blackout, candidates should expect to have their photo ID scanned, provide six digital fingertip swipes (three from each hand), and take a test-day photo (which wil be used to create a database of exam candidate identification information). Every subsequent appointment will involve a single finger swipe and photo session, for comparison to the record data. (I imagine that many of you have a great deal of practice in giving NCARB the finger, so this should be easy for you.) This is part of standard procedures at all Prometric facilities for any exam that they administer (for more information, check out their official video announcement. ); in our context, it will also help NCARB to ensure that the same person is actually taking each of the seven divisions.

All jokes aside, this is a significant improvement to security at Prometric’s facilities. Exam security is serious business, worthy of some pretty incredible measures… or, at least, some measures worthy of The Incredibles.

Some words to the wise — what this means to me is that you should arrive a little earlier for that first appointment, especially after a three-month break where everyone will be anxious to resume testing, so plan accordingly. Good luck, and remember – no capes! (You’ll just have to leave it in the locker with your other belongings, anyway…)

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