Yard Sale

Well, not really… it just looks that way.  This is what happens when one of the administrative assistants cleans out some of the office cabinets to prepare for a looming renovation project…

25 cents each… three for a dollar.

The long and the short of it is this:  the CEO of our firm is registered to practice architecture in a whopping 38 distinct jurisdictions.  (Two more, and he gets a free sandwich on his next visit!)  But seriously, folks… I found this to be pretty impressive.  It took not one, but two, cardboard boxes to hold all of his stamps.  That’s a lot of architectural authority.  For a firm like ours, one that has carved out a near-nationwide practice with our higher education work, that level of licensure has been invaluable.

Admittedly, this is an extreme case, and the vast majority of us will probably be very happy being licensed in a single state.  However, if you plan on practicing in any other jurisdiction beyond the one in which you receive your initial registration, you should look into reciprocity.  Reciprocity is the term used when an architect applies for registration in another jurisdiction, by certifying that their intial registration meets that jurisdiction’s requirements.  Considering that a license to practice architecture is administered by the state board, and that each state board’s criteria can vary (sometimes wildly), it helps to have a way of leveling the playing field.  One way of doing so is the NCARB Certificate.  The NCARB Certificate signifies to all member boards that you have met “the highest professional standards established by the registration boards responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.”  More to the point, by serving as a near-universal credential, the Certificate can streamline the reciprocal registration process in other jurisdictions.

Coincidentally, NCARB has recently offered a significant reduction in fees for reactiviting a lapsed record, which can equal some pretty significant savings for anyone who might be a little delinquent in their fees.

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